Book Recommendation: Ready Player One

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I absolutely adore Ernest Cline‘s dystopian actioner READY PLAYER ONE. This well written, tightly plotted Sci-Fi Quest (Love story? Yes. Mystery? That, too!) is filled with 1970s and 1980s goodness: Star Wars and Giant Robots. Cap’N Crunch and Saturday Morning Cartoons. Classic Home Game Consoles and Video Arcades. Dungeons & Dragons and Duran Duran… all of the disposable entertainment that helped define a generation of latchkey kids.

Ready Player One Once word of this Love Letter to Gen-X nostalgia really spreads – and hopefully before Hollywood tries to adapt it – READY PLAYER ONE will be required reading for all who fancy themselves retro Pop Culture geeks.

Wait. That’s you, right?

So you might as well be the first among your friends to read it. You won’t regret it and besides, when you finish you get to put your initials atop the High Score board.

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